Oxygen Cleaning Services For Pipes & Equipment

Oxygen Cleaning Services For Pipes & Equipment
Oxygen cleaning plays a vital role in the delivery of oxygen for the medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industry. We do high quality oxygen cleaning for pipes and equipment used in industrial, medical and aerospace industries.

Oxygen cleaning removes all traces of potentially hazardous contaminations, such as:

Organic Residue (Dried Skin, Hair […]

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Celco Spring Newsletter

Celco Inc. Spring 2018 Newsletter
Brandon Bellesine, VP of Compliance at CELCO has been participating in a local manufactures’ group over the past couple of years. One thing that they, as a group, have decided is that local students need to be educated as to these businesses so they can begin to prepare for a possible […]

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Passivation Of Cylindrical Stainless Steel Tanks

At our passivation facility we can handle almost any size of cylindrical stainless steel tanks that need passivation or electropolishing. Most of the larger tanks are transported to us via semi, however we also have a mobile passivation unit and can come to you.

Yes, call us at 620-842-3701 or use our contact form for a […]

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Electropolishing With Elgiloy

The precision of the electropolishing process for Elgiloy metal is an advantage over mechanical polishing, which can lead to a noticeable decrease in the dimensions of a metal part, and it can be controlled to remove less than a ten-thousandth of an inch from the surface.

The metal is passivated in the process, making it resilient […]

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Electropolishing For Stainless Steel

Cental Electropolishing Company (affectionately known as CELCO for short) is an industrial polishing company specializing in passivation, oxygen cleaning, and electropolishing services.

Most of our staff and technicians have been with our growing company for 10-20 years.

The reason why stainless steel works well by being electropolished is because it chemically removes parties at a microscopic level, making the steel impervious […]

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